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Who We Are

Lovely Thinkings is the expansion of a family owned and operated manufacturing and distribution powerhouse of adult novelty toys. Already in production since 2012, our premium leather pieces have been carefully selected and designed to offer something new to the market: quality and beauty combined. With the structure to maintain the most intense fetishes, and the carefully thought-out designs to stimulate the senses, our pieces are sure to please.

Our Philosophy

Our story began with a desire to promote local manufacturing with a sense of quality that comes from our origins and culture. Our designs are always with the end-user in mind, continuously being reshaped and enriched based on the feedback of our customers – and testing them out ourselves, of course.

We strive for our products to be enjoyable and exciting to everyone, to honour each one’s self-empowered sexuality, without discrimination. We offer an invitation for our consumers to explore their own  sexuality and thus explore themselves. We believe in having fun, and making this accessible to all, with high quality products that make you feel proud to be sexy.

Popular Questions

We hate sketchy websites that avoid to reveal information about their company, particularly their location. We like our customers to know about us, that our company is registered and bases it’s operations from Portugal. However, we have a sister company as well based in Canada, where our project began, and also continue to do some of our manufacturing from there. 

Lovely Thinkings is registered as a Limitada (Lda.) company in Portugal. Our VAT ID is PT515550884.

A large selection of our products, particularly our leather items, are made by us and originate from our signature collection and designs. We specialize in the manufacturing of leather goods, however, we offer a range of other products as well that would not fall under the scope of our ability or capacity to produce. These items are, however, carefully selected, sometimes designed and always checked for quality by ourselves, as we work with our suppliers. Our aim is to provide a collection of carefully selected, high quality and unique products. 

The leather products from our signature collection are made entirely by ourselves. They are manufactured from the beginning process of purchasing and collecting the leather ourselves, to bringing it to our workshop to get cutting, gluing, sewing, painting and assembling. 

Humble beginnings

From a well-to-do home workshop in the countryside, after a career in Engineering, Eisenburg got to work. Always in need of a project, and in the context of local manufacturing being increasing outsourced, he caught on to a small mission where he could make a difference. Through a series of unpredictable events, Eisenburg found himself in a friend of a friend’s sex shop, where a customer was looking for an old favourite paddle of his to be replaced. Eisenburg caught on very quickly that there is a serious lack of well made products in this industry, and the cheap items so readily available on the market, he knew he could make with better quality, more durable, better designed, more pretty and still at a reasonable price. And so, his mission to promote local manufacturing and beliefs in always making something well made, led him on this new initiative, one product at a time

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